Fast acting:

Starts working as soon as you put
them on.

Retains corneal moisture:

Noticeable decrease in tear evaporation.


Not a drug and won't interact with other

No side effects:

Safe to use, either occasionally or

Ziena eyewear helps relieve the burning, itching and redness caused by dry eye, without side effects or reactions with other medications or treatments.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that sealed eyewear reduces tear evaporation and increases overall comfort.

Ziena’s discrete silicone shield locks in moisture while blocking out wind, glare and airborne irritants like dust and pollen. Powerful micro-magnets hold the shield securely in place yet allow for easy removal and replacement.


Ziena eyewear can be fitted by eye care professionals. Prescriptions are available in a variety of lenses including polarized and photochromic.


The silicone shield is designed to rest gently on the skin, providing a safe and effective seal that blocks out harsh elements and holds in soothing moisture.


Nearly invisible when worn, Ziena’s unique silicone shield is easy to remove and replace.

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